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April 21, 2018

Liturgy Day: The Liturgy That Cares For Creation

8am-4pm, Christ Church Episcopal, Tacoma, WA

The proposed sixth vow for inclusion in the baptismal liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer 1979 is "Will you cherish the wondrous works of God and protect the beauty and integrity of all creation?" How do the seasons, sacraments, ancient liturgy, and daily prayer orient the worshipping assembly toward cherishing and protecting God's bountiful yet endangered creation?

Singing Care For Creation - Susan Palo Cherwien

Singing sacred texts together in the liturgy shapes us, our faith, our actions and lives, both as individuals and as community. In regard to God's beautiful creation, what are we singing into ourselves, into each other, into the universe in our hymns, pslams, and canticles? 

"You see, the power is in the meaning and in the understanding." Black Elk

July 2, 2018

American Guild of Organists National Convention, Opening Worship

6:45pm, Helzberg Hall, Kansas City, MO

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I;
Opening worship, premiere of Susan Palo Cherwien's new hymn, Blesséd, How Blesséd, commisssioned for the 2018 National Convention

October 12, 2018                     

Hymn Festival with David Cherwien

7pm, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Ashtabula, OH

November 16, 2018                           

Hymn Festival with David Cherwien                                                

7:30pm, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Akron, OH



All of the seminars listed below I have presented at various workshops, conferences, and church adult formation events. They are designed to last about one hour, and they are accompanied by a visual presentation as well.

Three of the seminars can be extended to two- or three-hour presentations: And God Spoke, For Glory and For Beauty, and Crossing the Threshold.

Seminar Topics

— And God Spoke: The Power of Language

— For Glory and For Beauty: Poetry In the Service of God

— And the Walls Fell: The Power of Music

— Do Not Let My Words Fall To the Ground: Reflections of a Hymnwriter

— Seven Good Questions To Ask: Worship Matters

— Feather on the Breath of God: Hildegard von Bingen

— Begin With Wonder: Music and Cosmos

— Living in Hope As Easter People: Passage to Newness

— Crossing the Threshold: The Transformational Journey of the Mass

— Of the Father's Love Begotten: John Mason Neale's Gift To the Church

— Advent or Lenten Quiet Mornings

A two- to three-hour session of poetry, reflection, song, images, and silent reflection, which follows the pattern: poetry reading, reflection, and then twenty minutes of silence, silence which can be used in prayer, walking in nature, sketching, writing, or in simple quietness. An opportunity to enter into silence and meditation in two of the church year's quiet seasons.